Layby.my is an e-commerce store managed and operated by Broadview Trade Sdn. Bhd. (1270739- A).

At Layby.my, we believe there are other ways to make shopping affordable. A simple and valuable way that enable customer to earn more while they shop. At Layby.my customers can experience pre installment purchasing, one of its kind in Malaysia! All our products can be purchased by pre-order and will be processed after being paid in full. Our team are very passionate about giving the best to everyone.


Add To Cart for any products you would like to pre-order. Proceed by clicking the Cart Button located on right top corner and choose the Payment Type that suits you. Proceed to checkout where you can follow the simple instructions. 

Placing a Layby order

Layby makes shopping affordable. Via Layby order, you can pre-order products at Normal Price by making gradual payments on monthly basisYou only need a registered Layby.my account to place an order. This account will help you monitor your order(s) and payment status.

Our Layby plans are as low as RM 40 or RM 60 per month. There are no interest charges or credit traps. Your order will be processed once your full payment have been received. 

The registration is FREE. Create your Layby.my account NOW and start Layby!!

Discounted Dealer Price

Come and join us by becoming an Authorized Layby.my Dealer and enjoy discounted price. It is easy. Once you become one, just log in and the price will automatically reduce accordingly when ordering product. 


With Layby.my account, you can easily track your purchase status, payment status, shipment details and many more.

The registration is so easy!! You only need a preferred Username, Email and your preferred password to register. You will receive a verification email to activate your account and it is ready to go!!

Sign up NOW!!


Layby.my Wallet is an additional provided service linked directly to your Layby Account. Top up your wallet and make Purchase for any listed product in Layby.my website without hassle. With Layby.my wallet, you can also make Transfer to other Layby.my's member without any additional charges.


Layby.my’s Authorized Dealer is also entitle for commissions in our Marketing Program for the following: 

   (1) Promoting our Dealer package and

   (2) Promoting the recruited member for ordering our products via Layby.

All Commissions will kick in into your Wallet right after any of the above payment is cleared. You do not need to wait until end of month. You can request for your commissions withdrawal at any time.

Join Us by becoming Layby.my's Authorized Dealer and start earning!!