You can deposit your payment via Cash ATM Machine to our CIMB Bank Account (Account No: 8009236523) and submit your proof of payment via "ATM/Bank Transfer" option.

Alternatively, select "Online Banking" to make instant payment with your Debit/Credit Card or Online Banking Transfer.

Or for hassle free purchasing experience, top up your Wallet before making any purchases.

You are not allowed to stop or skip your payment. Please contact our Customer Service via our Support Page if you are having any problem in making Layby payment. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information. 

You will be given grace period to settle your Layby payment dues. Failure to settle your Layby payment will resulted to your order being cancelled without any refund.

Please contact our Customer Service via our Support Page to discuss payment arrangement. For further information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

There will be NO additional charges when you miss your Layby Payment. You can always monitor your Layby's Payment in your Layby's page.


All incentives will be directly credited to your Wallet right after the related payment has been received and been verified by our Finance. Your Layby Incentives for the respective month is shown in Current Incentive's section in your Wallet page.


Any transactions that require verification process will be processed by our management team within three (3) working days.

Make purchase with your Wallet for fast and smooth transactions. It is easy to Top up:

    1. Tap on wallet at my dashboard.

    2. Select amount that you would like to top up.

    3. Click TOPUP NOW.

    4. Select your payment and click PAYOUT.

You can pay your Top up amount via ATM/Bank Transfer or Online Banking.

Layby.my allows you to transfer any amount from your Wallet to another without any charges. All Transfer Request is secured with OTP code verification. To transfer:

    1. Tap on Wallet at My Dashboard.

    2. Click Transfer To Another Account.

    3. Insert receiver name or username and amount to transfer.

    4. Request the OTP code

    5. Insert the OTP code then click Send Balance.

Please check the receiver details before making any transfer. Any transactions confirmed  by OTP cannot be reverse by Layby.my.

You can withdraw from your Wallet to any of your registered Bank  Account.

    1. Tap on Wallet at My dashboard.

    2. Click Withdrawal Request.

    3. Insert the amount to withdraw and select your bank account.

    4. Request the OTP code.

    5. Insert the OTP code then click WITHDRAW.

All Withdraw Request will be processed by our management team within three (3) working days.

You can Withdraw anytime. There is No limitation for Withdrawal Request during any given month. Management fee of RM 2 will be deducted from the requested Withdrawal Amount.


Log in to your Layby.my Account using your registered email and password via the Log in link. Use the forgot password function or contact our customer service if you are unable to log in to your account.

1. Click Forgot Password? at the Log In page

2. Enter your email at the password recovery page and then click reset password.

3. An email with a password reset link will be send to the registered email. Click at the link and reset your password.

Please update your profile for smooth delivering process.

1. Log in to your Layby.my account at Layby.my

2. Go to My profile at your dashboard

3. Update your profile in “Edit profile”

4. Update your address in “Address”

5. Update your bank info in “Bank account”

6. Change your password in “Change password”

You can always access to your group information at your Network page.  Select member list or network tree illustration for viewing.